Our Work & Abilities

No internet access where you are? Need to create a network with advanced packet policy and QoS? How about an antenna mount and light fabrication? Evolution Can Help! 

Take a look at some of the services we provide. You will find case studies as well as the information regarding our past projects.

Community Repeaters - Have a small group of people in a rural community that would like high speed internet? Check out our cost effective community repeaters and how to get started.

Solo Repeaters - 
These are an affordable option for high speed connectivity when you don't have a group of people. These are ideal for those who are really remote without other households nearby.

RF Engineering - Licensed and unlicensed link design and implementation.

Fabrication - 
Utilising our in-house workshop facilities we are able to custom fabricate mounts, towers or anything else required.

Project Management - Using our knowledge of people and suppliers in the trade, we are able to manage both cost and time effectively to ensure the success of your RF project.

Network Engineering - IPv4 and IPv6, we are able to assist with network design and deployment

Email Migrations - We can assist in moving your emails to a cloud based solution.