The residents of Ngakoroa Road, Ormond were unable to receive internet services by the usual means.
The nearest telephone exchange is located in the township of Ormond, however these residents live up to 12 kms away.
Other providers were unable to provide internet service to the area due to the hilly terrain and low population density.
Derek Goodwin from Ngakoroa Road organised the local residents who were keen to find a solution and approached us to go ahead.



Contact key landholders in the region and approach them in regards to hosting sites on their land. Once this was completed we fabricated the transmitter - this is done by us, in our workshop. The completed transmitter was then installed at Ngakoroa and the residents were connected.



Access to the internet at high speed.
Local technicians situated within 25kms when support is needed.
All of the small group of residents who reside in this area now have access to Ultra Fast Broadband, something larger telecommunications providers don’t invest in when there is low population density in an area.
By using our transmitter model based on previous transmitters we’ve constructed, our time from being approached to having the complete solution in place was reduced to less than a month.