The rural residents of Matawai were unhappy with their current internet solution - satellite.
Monthly charges of $500 + were common. The nearest telephone exchange is located in the township of Matawai, however the these residents live up to 15 kms away.
No other providers were willing to invest the required capital due to low population density.
Margaret Bracken from the Matawai region gathered details of residents who were keen to find another way and approached us for a solution.



Firstly we contacted key landholders in the region and approached them in regards to hosting a transmitter site on their land.
We then designed the link in and transmitter site which required extra thought due to the challenging nature of the terrain and environment. Special care was taken during design to >ensure maximum reliability and up-time - even during a prolonged snow storm.
We then erected the site in Matawai and connected the residents to High Speed Broadband.



Reliable access to the internet at high speed (greater than 30Mb/s).
Support engineers situated in the closest city to the region if support is needed.
The rurally located residents of the region now have access to Ultra Fast Broadband, equal to the residents of Gisborne.