Captain Cook


Captain Cook Motor Lodge had a Hotspot solution installed by another provider previously. Range was limited and some clients were having trouble connecting their devices to the existing solution.
The problem was made worse by their ADSL2 connection dropping out and generally being unreliable.



After RF analysis of the complex, Evolution Wireless selected the correct 2.4GHz wireless equipment to provide seamless coverage.
Once selected the equipment was installed and tested.
Upon testing the coverage exceeded the expectations of the manager.
To ensure internet connectivity was reliable we installed an Evolution Wireless Ultra-Fast  wireless connection.
This dramatically increased the speed and availability of the hotspot solution.


  • Captain Cook Motor Lodge now have seamless connectivity around their entire complex.
  • Their solution is reliable, available and supported locally by Evolution Wireless.
  • Complaints regarding wireless access have disappeared, leaving the manager free to attend to other jobs.


Captain Cook